Telescopic Stone Crushers

Valentini Group is specializes in the production of machinery that can be used for the construction / remediation of land of various kinds.

Among the available equipment, there are fixed, folding and telescopic stone crushers that can be used both for road work and for work on hostile terrain. In fact, thanks to the stone crusher you can work on stony soils which, after processing, will be more homogeneous and suitable for hosting orchards, vineyards or traditional crops.

In the field of road works, on the other hand, fragissasi are used to build or re-level rural roads, crush rubble. The stone breakers are also suitable for operations such as: creating fire trenches in the woods, destroying stumps, preparing parks, creating trekking routes, leveling ski slopes, golf courses, etc.

In addition to stone crushers, we have equipment for vertical cutting of any type of terrain, the Canali Wheels. The channel wheels can be used for different processes: opening drains for the installation of drainage pipes, irrigation, electrical cables, telephone cables, pipes for aqueducts, etc. all with a maximum diameter of 500mm.

You can learn about the different characteristics of each type of equipment by visiting the relevant categories.

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