Continuous Research

2016 – Start production of  “RAPID CHANGE” pick and pick-holder system,  HARDOX® IN MY BODY certification

Valentini Antonio’s continuous research and development, supported by numerous tests and trials out on the field, has led to the release of a new PATENTED pick and pick-holder system for machines in the Construction line. This solution minimises machine downtime, facilitating the rapid replacement of worn parts during routine and special maintenance operations on Stone Crushers. Another important milestone is the granting of HARDOX® MY BODY certification. This certification was issued by the SSAB (Swedish Steel S.P.A.) during the 2016 Eima Trade Show, certifying to the use of HARDOX® materials in Stone Crushers and Forest Machines, thus enhancing the value and quality of machines.

2015 – Production of new Forest Machines

Over the years, Valentini Antonio S.r.l. adapted its machines in the Construction line for use in the Forestry sector, until finally releasing the new line of Forest Machines. The range is perfect for activities such as stump grinding, land clearing and developing fire break paths in mountainous areas, using rotors and specific tools. Thanks to the side drive transmission, the line is perfect for works in difficult conditions, at great depths.

2014 – Production of first Bedformer

Valentini Antonio S.r.l., with its many years of experience in the horticultural sector, identified the need to produce Rotary Tillers and Stone Buriers in a Bedformer version: these new product lines are used both in open fields and glasshouses for the cultivation of vegetable farms.

2010 – Production of first Wheel Trencher

The wheel trencher was developed to meet the demands of the agricultural, building and industrial sectors for a machine able to create trenches in various widths and depths for the deep laying of tubes, electrical cables and sewage pipes. Its tools are able to dig into any type of terrain, from pebbly soil to asphalt, creating trenches dedicated to specific needs.

2007 – Production of new range of Stone Buriers

In the mid-2000s, Valentini Antonio S.r.l. released its new range of Stone Buriers in a fixed and folding version, satisfying the demands of horticulturalists and gardeners.

2004 – Inauguration of new offices

The increased production of its numerous lines led to the need for Valentini Antonio S.r.l. to purchase new production and management facilities in Camposampiero (Padua).

2002 – Production of first Stone Crusher

In addition to producing machinery for the Agricultural sector, Valentini Antonio S.r.l. also specialised in the supply of machines for uncultivated land clearing, more specifically, Stone Crushers designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel or rock dust, thus adapting land for the plantation of vineyards, olive groves or boxwood.

2000 – Exportation of Valentini products outside Europe: Canada, Australia, Japan

The Valentini Antonio S.r.l. brand began to enjoy increasing international recognition. Thanks to its quality products, designed and personalised to suit client needs, Valentini products were in high demand all over the globe.

1999 – 4-gear side transmission

High tractor outputs and increasingly broader tool strokes exploited traditional side transmissions to their limit. To deal with this problem, Valentini Antonio S.r.l. developed Rotary Tillers with a new 4-gear side transmission, thus reducing the high strain and temperatures to which the machine’s transmission system was exposed.

1990 – Large Rotary Tillers and Rotary Harrows, up to 7 metres

As the market continued to propose increasingly powerful tractors, working widths too were enlarged. Valentini Antonio S.r.l. therefore developed Rotary Tillers and Rotary Harrows with working widths up to 7 metres, without compromising on sturdiness and using materials suited to high-powered tractors.

1987 – The first Rotary Harrows, Stalk Mulchers and Sickle Bar with Folding

Based on experience acquired in previous years and increasing client demand, the folding frame tool version was extended to Rotary Harrows, Stalk Mulchers and Sickle Bars.

1985 – The first Folding Rotary Tiller

A period characterised by high demand to provide clients with tools that could work the land in just a few steps, thus saving time. Antonio Valentini therefore designed the first Folding Rotary Tiller, an indispensable machine for large companies with medium-high powered tractors requiring these tools.

1980 – Personalisation of special tools

Valentini Antonio S.r.l. specialised in the personalisation of:  agricultural tools, slurry spreaders, trailers, manure spreaders with drive wheels.1980

1973 – Foundation of Valentini Antonio S.r.l.

At the age of 23, Antonio Valentini started his own company, working from home, repairing and servicing tractors and tools, selling used machinery and offering his technical expertise for the development of patents for special applications with drive wheels.

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